About the Forum

Save the dates: The IDEA Asia Youth Forum 2013 is taking place between April 8 and April 21, 2013, on the beautiful shores of Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan.

The Asia Youth Forum, one of many regional versions of the IDEA Global Youth Forum, is a two-week experience that combines the Karl Popper Debate Championship, educational tracks (including our Mixed Teams Track which brings students from different countries and different levels of experience together in a peer-to-peer learning experience) and tournaments that allow the speakers to put their newly-acquired skills into practice.

The Forum is open to secondary school students from all parts of Asia, while the trainer pool is also recruited from the continent. More information regarding the registration process and trainer selection will be made available over the next couple of weeks.

What is the Youth Forum?

The Youth Forum, through a unique mix of competitive and educational offerings, offers inter-cultural learning to novice and experienced debaters and coaches. High school students are trained by an elite group of international trainers and coaches who teach them not only how to debate more effectively in the context of a tournament, but also how to use these skills to become active citizens through expanding their knowledge base on a specific issue chosen for the year.

Students also get insight on the reality in other countries, through peer to peer learning and facilitated interaction that takes place inside and outside the classroom. They also learn more about the host country through social events and excursions that take place during the Forum.

The diversity of the event helps both the participants and our organization, as we gain exposure to new ideas and perspectives on debating, thus increasing the overall quality of the events organized by IDEA and its partners that field teams and coaches at the event. It also enables us to spread debating in the host country by bringing together the local community with our trainers and exposing debaters and coaches to an excellent international competition.

The IDEA Asia Youth Forum begins with an international competition of 3 member debate teams – the IDEA Asia Karl Popper Debate Championship. It then continues with small groups’ debate training sessions where students debate in international teams. To suit the differentiated needs of our participants we offer various tracks:

  • the track for beginners (IND);
  • a track focused on improving their debate and public speaking skills while fostering inter-cultural understanding through peer-to-peer learning (MTT);
  • and a track for coaches, educators and coordinators, who would like to learn and improve their debate coaching and judging skills

All students and educators, regardless of level of debating skill and language capabilities, can find a match to immediately boost their debating careers. But they will also become more aware of the global issues affecting their lives and – most importantly – build lasting friendships with people from all over the world.