Mixed teams tournament started at 2013 IDEA Asia Youth Forum

Another three day debate tournament in the Karl Popper format started on 18 April featuring 26 mixed teams made up of Asia Youth Forum participants from different countries.

The tournament’s 78 debaters come from 12 countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Romania, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, and Palestine.

See our photos from day 1 of the Asia Mixed Teams Tournament on our Russian Facebook page.            

"I expect even more interesting debates than at the AKPDC that featured national teams. I hope that the participants will enjoy this more than their first competition, however the main goal of the mixed tournament is not competition, but education", said Steven Nolan, the director of the IDEA Asia Youth Forum.

Steven told us that the tournament has three purposes: the exchange of experience between seasoned and novice debaters, to explore different approaches to debates and the understanding of various contexts, and cultural exchange among the participants.

The competition will run until 20 April. In addition to the 78 debaters, over 20 coaches and judges from around the world are taking part in the tournament.

The 2013 IDEA Asia Youth Forum also featured the Asia Karl Popper Debate Championship, a tournament for national teams that also took place in the Karl Popper debate format. Team Philippines won the competition in an excellent final against Team Cambodia.

About the Asia Youth Forum

The Asia Youth Forum, one of many regional versions of the IDEA Global Youth Forum, is a two-week experience that combines the Karl Popper Debate Championship, educational tracks (including our Mixed Teams Track which brings students from different countries and different levels of experience together in a peer-to-peer learning experience) and tournaments that allow the speakers to put their newly-acquired skills into practice.

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